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Hoover SteamVac Brush

Hoover SteamVac Brush Block 5 Brushes OEM # 48437022
Hoover SteamVac Brush Block 5 Brushes OEM # 48437022
Item# 48437022
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Product Description

Hoover SteamVac Brush Block 5 Brushes OEM # 48437022
Replacement brush block (5 brushes) or use by Hoover SteamVac Wide Path carpet cleaners. fits Hoover Steam Vac models F5837050, F5837900, F5837950, F5837960, F5839900, F5843900, F5851, F5853900, F5855, F5857001, F5857011, F5857900, F5857906, F5857909, F5857916, F5857918, F5857975, F5857990, F5858900, F5858910, F5858920, F5858950, F5859, F5860900, F5860950, F5860990, F5861900, F5861990, F5862900, F5863900, F5863990, F5864900, F5865900, F5866900, F5866920, F5867900, F5868900, F5869900, F586-960, F5869990, F5870900, F5871900, F5871950, F5872900, F587900, F5874900, F5875900, F5876900, F5877900, F5878900, F587-900, F588-900, F5881900, F588950, F5881990, F5882900, F5883900, F5883960, F5883990, F5884900, F5884980, F588-900, F5887900, F5887910, F5887920, F5888900, F5892900, F5892950, F5893900, F5893910, F5894900, F5895900, F5896950, F5897900, F5898900, F5899900, F5899910, F5900900, F5907900, F5910900, F5912900, F6968916. (Note: these model numbers may not be followed by a "-900" suffix on your unit.)

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